Top 7 Best Blogging Name Generator Tool: Best Blogging Name Ideas

Blogging Name Generator

The name of your blog is your online identity so it must be a good one. There are several blogging name generators that can generate various blogging name ideas for your blog.

These tools will give you some blogging name ideas according to the keywords you input into these tools. These blogging name generator tools can be of great help when you are starting a new blog and looking for a good name for your blog to make money from it.

In this post, I have suggested seven blogging name generator tools that you can use to get a suitable name for your blog and start working on it.

Wix Blog Name Generator

Wix Blog Name Generator

The number one blogging name generator on my list is the Wix blog name generator. You just have to enter one or two keywords related to your niche and the Wix blog name generator will give you several blogging name ideas.

Aside from generating blog names, you can also use the Wix blog name generator to generate names for your business, podcasts, or youtube channels.

The main highlight of this tool is that it is really easy to use. You just have to enter a keyword and click on generate, it’s as simple as that.

For example, if you want to create a travel blog then you can just put a keyword like travel and click on generate. Wix Blog name generator will create several blogging name ideas for you to choose from.



One of the best blogging name generator tools is Nameboy. You can use this blogging name generator to create several blogging name ideas and blogging name suggestions in just a few seconds.

Nameboy is one of the oldest and most popular blogging name generator tools. It also shows you which domains are already bought and which you can buy so that you can make a great decision while selecting a blogging name. 

Business Name Generator (BNB)

Business Name Generator (BNB)

Another best blogging name generator is the business name generator (BNB). It is also a very easy tool to use. You just only have to enter one or two keywords and this tool will give you thousands of blogging name ideas that you can use as your blog name.

You can definitely give this tool a try to get some amazing blogging name ideas for you new website.

Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel

One of the best blogging name generator tools is Domain Wheel. It is totally free to use and provide you with various suggestion for your blog name or business name.

It is one of the famous tools that people use to generate blogging name ideas and it gives some remarkable blogging name suggestions which you can use to get an attractive name for your blog.



Another excellent blogging name generator tool is Namify. Mainly Namify is used to generate business name ideas but it can also be used to create some great eye-catching blogging name ideas suitable for your blog website.

Namify generator thousands of modern and short blogging name ideas based on the keywords you enter.

It also tells you whether the name picked is available to be used on different social media platforms or not.



Panabee is another famous blogging name generator other which can be used to create excellent blogging name ideas for your blogs. You have to enter two words in the search tab and Panabee will generate different blogging name ideas with the domains that are available.

It will also generate some similar names using its AI technology that you can also use as your blog name.

Name Station

Name Station

Name station is also a popular blogging name generator and it generates many eye-catching blogging name ideas but it has a few limitations like you have to register for a free account to use this blogging name generator tool.

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