How many YouTube Subscribers To Make Money? A Best Complete Guide for 2023

How many Youtube Subscribers To Make Money

If you are going to start or work on a YouTube channel then you must have thought that how many youtube subscribers to make money.

There are several other factors other than just YouTube subscribers which should be accounted for when you want to know how much money you can make from YouTube but in this post, I will discuss that you need how many YouTube subscribers to make money.

YouTube Partner Program

The first step in monetizing your YouTube channel is to join the youtube partner program. It is a program in which advertisers run ads on a creator’s videos and a creator earns whenever that ad is viewed.

YouTube is owned by Google, so Google Adsense is used to display ads on your videos. By joining YouTube Partner Program, you can choose what kind of ads you want to show on what of your videos.

YouTube pays you a little commission whenever a viewer watches or clicks an ad.

But the question may arise that how many YouTube subscribers to make money.

How many YouTube subscribers to make money?

The answer to the question “How many YouTube subscribers to make money?” is that there is a minimum benchmark that you must cross to become eligible to join the Youtube partner program. The required eligibility criteria to monetize your YouTube channel through Google is:

  1. Your YouTube channel should have at least 1000 subscribers
  2. Your YouTube channel should have a total watch time of 4000 hours in the last 12 months.
  3. You have unique content of your own.

Once you have fulfilled these requirements then you can apply for the Youtube Partner Program. Then Youtube will analyze your channel and if your channel does not have any contradictions with their policies then you will become a member of the Youtube Partner Program and start earning money.

So here is the answer to “How many YouTube subscribers to make money?”

How much money you can make from Youtube

Now the amount of money you can earn on youtube totally depends on the number of views you are getting on your videos. There are several other factors like subscribers to views ratio, comments to views ratio, and like to views ratio that youtube takes into account as well.

But the main thing that is required to make money from youtube through google Adsense is the number of views you are getting on your videos.

Research says that most Youtube gets around $2500 – $40000 per one million views on their youtube videos. The payments depend on various other factors like the demographic of the viewers and their location.

So it does not matter how many subscribers you have if you have joined the youtube partner program then you can earn thousands of dollars if you get views millions even if you have just 1000 subscribers.

How to get more subscribers on youtube to make money?

Getting more subscribers and engagement on youtube can be a difficult task but you can dot it by working continuosuly and effectively on your content.

Here are some of the guidelines you can follow to create good quality content and engage more viewers to your YouTube channels and get more subscribers.

Create good YouTube thumbnails

The first thing that a viewer will notice about your video is its thumbnail. If you USA a thumbnail that attracts viewers to watch your video then you can gain more viewers and subscribers. I have discussed in detail how can you create good youtube video thumbnails.

Create an attractive youtube Intro

The next thing t viewer will notice about your video is the video’s intro. The video intro should be short and engaging. its length should not be more than 5 seconds. There are various softwares you can use to create youtube intros.

Create good video content

The most important part of your video is the content. The content should be unique and engaging so that the viewers watch your video to the very end.

Create an engaging youtube outro

The final part is to create an engaging YouTube outro. You should use good graphics with good music in your YouTube outro.

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