Best 6 ways to Start Online Teaching

Start Teaching Online

Many people have a question that how to start teaching online and earn money online from it.

Well, there are several opportunities to teach online and earn a decent amount of money from it.

The question may also arise that who can teach online and how to start online teaching in 2022.

Who can Start Teaching Online?

Anyone who is an expert in any field can teach online to earn some extra money.

It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher with several years of experience or a student with a good grasp of one subject, you can start teaching online regardless of who and where you are.

For teaching online you just have to be good enough at a subject to teach others about it.

For example, you can start freelance online teaching in math if you are an expert in math, you can solve questions or you can provide proper lectures to the students to teach them math.

Moreover, If you are good at a language and confident that you can teach your language to other then you can start online coaching by giving freelance teaching services relevant to your language.

How to Start Teaching Online?

There are several ways by which you can start teaching online. And the best part is that you do not have to quit your studies or your main job to start online teaching.

There are several websites out there on which you can begin teaching online. The top 6 best websites to start teaching online are mentioned in this post.


One of the best websites to start your online teaching journey is Photomath.

Photomath is a platform where you can start earning by solving math questions easily. The earning potential of this platform is around $2000 per month.

Students from all over the world submit their queries on Photomath and freelance experts solve them step by step to teach students how to solve that question.

The best part about Photomath is that you don’t have to give live lectures or record lectures to students hence you do not need any kind of webcam. You only have to solve questions and submit them which is a super easy way to start teaching online and earn money.

Photomath has more than 300 million downloads across the globe. Moreover, they provide weekly payouts directly into your Payoneer account.

So, create an account on Photomath and start teaching online to earn some extra money.


Another best website to start online teaching is to work on Fiverr.

On Fiverr, you have to start creating your gigs related to the subject you want to teach. Once you have created gigs on your profile, people will try to reach you and place orders on Fiverr. You can start teaching them and earn money.

You can create gigs on Fiverr on any subject you want, it can be math, science, physics and also you can teach languages like English, German, French, etc.

You can receive payment from Fiverr on your PayPal and Payoneer accounts.


Another famous website to start teaching online is Preply.

You can teach a variety of subjects on Preply like math, science, history, etc and languages like English, French, Russian, etc.

You have to create a profile on Preply and students will see those profiles. Based on your profile students will get in touch with you regarding what they want you to teach them.

You can charge an hourly rate on Preply to your students and the rate totally depends on your experience and the subject or thing you are teaching. Mostly it ranges from $5 to $30 per hour.


Upwork is one of the famous freelance websites out there where you can start teaching online and earn money.

You have to create your profile on Upwork, and add your experience and education n it to show that you are qualified in teaching a particular subject.

Once your profile is complete and approved you can start bidding on the jobs uploaded on the Upwork platform to start getting clients and earning money by starting online teaching.

You can work on Upwork with your client on an hourly basis or you can make a fixed budget contract. The price has to be mutually decided between the seller and the buyer.


Studypool is another famous website where you can start teaching online and earn money.

To work on Studypool you first have to create an account on Studypool and pass a test on the subject you want to teach.

After you have passed the test then you can start teaching students online and earn money.

Studypool claims that you can earn upto $7500 per month by teaching on Studypool.

Another way to earn money through Studypool is that you can upload your reading material, slide lecture, quizzes, and assignments on Studypool. Students can buy that material from Studypool and you can earn money from it.


Photostudy is another website to start teaching online.

To start working on Photostudy you have created an account on it. Then you have you answer some questions and there are some interviews as well before you can start teaching online on Photostudy.

At Photostudy you can teach more than one subject and Photostudy claims that you can earn about $1000 per month by teaching online on this platform.


In this post, I have discussed how you can start online teaching and earn money from it. Moreover, I have also discussed who can teach online and how to do it.

I have discussed six websites where you can start teaching online. Also, the earning potential of some websites is also mentioned.

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