Top 6 Things You Must Have on a Blog

Must Have on a Blog

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to start earning online. But before starting a blog there are some things you should know which you must have on a blog.

A blog is a famous way to share your knowledge with others and also earning online money by sharing that knowledge with your audience. But before starting a blog you should know that what are the few things that you must have on a blog to make you blog successful and get traffic to it as well as retain that traffic for a long time.

Here are the 6 things that you must have on your blog:

Email Newsletter Form

The first thing that you should have in your blog is the email newsletter form. Email newsletter form is used to collect emails of the users whenever they visit your website. There are several ways of using an email newsletter form. You can embedded in the side bar of your blog or create a pop-up form. I would personally suggest to use popup newsletter form whenever a visitor is about to leave your website.

The benefit of using an email newsletter form is that you can inform your previous viewers about any new content uploaded to your website. If you are running a business blog then you can send special offers to the traffic on your blog. So, it makes email newsletter form a thing to must have on a blog.

Famous email marketing services are Mailerlite and Mailchimp. I personally use Mailchimp to collect and deliver emails to my viewers.

Push Notifications

The next thing you must have on a blog is to set up push notifications. Push notification is a services that sends a notification to your users devices whenever a new content is uploaded on your blog or you can also use it to send notification to your users whenever you update anything on your blog and what to communicate it to your users.

Sending push notification is really important because it let you users know that you have posted a new content on your blog and your viewers can view that post as soon as you have posted it.

I use Onesignal Push notification services on my blog to send notifications to my viewers and also it is highly recommended.

Facebook Pixel

The next thing you must have on a blog is the Facebook pixel. You should have a social media presence of your blog so that you can also attract traffic towards your blog through social media like Facebook and Instagram. Now if you have Facebook pixel setup on your blog then you will get the information of the users who visits your blog even for once. Then you can retarget those users on Facebook and Instagram by running a remarketing campaign using that pixel to attract traffic to your blog.

LinkedIn Pixel

The next thing you must have on a  blog is the LinkedIn pixel. It works same as the Facebook pixel which means you can retarget the traffic that comes to your blog on LinkedIn. But if your blog is related to business or jobs then marketing on LinkedIn works better than marketing on Facebook. therefore, you should also have a LinkedIn pixel installed to attract traffic from LinkedIn to gain more traffic to your blog.

Social Share buttons

The next thing on my list you must have on a blog are the social share buttons. You should attach social share buttons so that if your viewers wants to share your content on their social media profiles then they can easily share your content by just clicking on the social share buttons rather than copy and pasting the link. If your visitors share your content on their social media then no doubt your blog will definitely get a lot of traffic.

There are several free plugins that can be used to set social share buttons on your blog on WordPress. The plugin I use for my blog is Simple Social Share.

Contact Information

The next thing you must have on a blog is your contact information. It is quite important to have your contact information on your blogs because it let your viewers to contact you and ask for specific content which they might need. Moreover, it is also compulsory to have contact information on your blog to get AdSense approval and start earning from your blog.

I suggest to add a business email, a contact form and the links to your social media pages as contact information for your users. You can use contact form 7 or formidable form to create contact form for your blog.


In this post, I have discussed the 6 important things that you must have on a blog. These things included Email newsletter form, Push notifications, Facebook pixel, LinkedIn pixel, social share buttons and contact information. I hope this information will help you start a blog and earn from it.

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