Top 5 things Needed for Blogging

things Needed for Blogging

Before starting a blog you must know the things needed for blogging that can help you run a successful blog and monetize it.

Creating and running a blog is one of the best ways to earn online from the internet these days by sharing your knowledge with everyone. But if you want to earn money online through blogging then there are several things you must know. Starting a blog is really easy but there are some essential things needed for blogging.

You can create a blog and start writing on it but if you want to get it monetized by Google Adsense or other ad networks then you have to take care of some parameters while starting your new blog.

In this blog post, I have discussed five things needed for blogging and you must focus on these things if you want your blog to grow and generate revenue for you. These things apply to personal blogs as well as business blogs.

Good Hosting

The first thing needed for blogging is good hosting. Hosting is no doubt one of the most important things needed for blogging. There are many free hosting out there but I highly recommend getting paid hosting if you really want to start and earn from your blog. There are many issues with free hosting that can harm your blog’s reputation and then your blog may not be get monetized.

A paid hosting will give an SSL certificate which is essential for site security, moreover paid hosting will provide good site speed which is essential to get traffic to your blog and rank it on search engines like Google.

There are several hosting providers out there but the highly recommended one is Hostinger. Other web hosting companies that provide good services are BluehostGo Daddy and Namecheap. You can check these web hosting companies by clicking on the links and getting yourself a good hosting provider. Moreover, you will also get a free domain for one year if you buy hosting from these links.

Good Domain

The next important thing needed for blogging is a good domain name. The domain name is basically the address of your website so it’s really important to choose a good domain name that suits your blog’s niche and also it is convincing for the readers. It’s recommended to purchase a domain name related to your niche, but it is not a hard and fast rule. Having a good domain name is also one of the important things needed for blogging to get success.

A hosting plan from Hostinger, Bluehost, or Go Daddy will give you your first domain totally free so that you can buy hosting from these hosting providers and get a good domain name for your blog totally free.

Responsive Theme

One of the most important things needed for blogging is a good and responsive theme. If you have got a good hosting plan and a great domain name but your theme is not good then unfortunately your blog will not be able to grow. Your theme should be fast to load and highly responsive.

Mostly themes are good for desktop but not mobile-friendly so you should select a mobile-friendly responsive friendly for your blog as most of the users will access your blog through mobiles. A quick-loading and mobile-friendly theme will help you get more traffic to your blog, making it easier for you to monetize.

Some of the best themes recommended for starting blogging are Astra and Divi.

Navigation Menu and Pages

The next important thing needed for blogging is to create appropriate navigation menu and pages on your blog. You website should guide the user to navigate through your blog. So, you must have navigation menu on your blog in the navigation bar. You should create separate navigation menus for separate categories on your blog.

Also there are some important pages that should be created on your blog. It is one of the most important things needed for blogging that is must to get your blog monetized. You need to create different pages on your website like the About Us page, Privacy Policy page, Contact page, etc. These pages are essential to monetize your blog from Google AdSense.

Quality Content

The most importing thing needed for blogging is no doubt to create quality content for your users. You may have done all the things needed for blogging but if your blog does not provide quality to its viewers then its really difficult to get traffic and start earning from it.

The content on your blog should be optimized for search engines so that it ranks on certain keywords. In addition, it should be easily understandable by the readers.

If you want to increase your search rankings, you must perform proper keyword research. Target high volume, low difficulty keywords to get ranked on search engines.


If you want to create and grow a blog you must know all the things needed for blogging and how to implement them to create and run a successful blog.

I hope you like this blog post. Kindly share it with your friend and comment your thoughts below.

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