How to earn money online: Top 7 Best Ways

How to earn money online

In this modern online world, you must have thought about how to earn money online. You must have heard several stories about people becoming millionaires by just doing work online.

You must have asked yourself this question how to earn money online and become self-independent. Well in this modern world, it is quite easy to start earning online even if you are a student or just starting.

In this post, I will discuss several methods which you can use to start earning online. I hope this post will answer your question “how to earn money online?”


The first answer to the question “how to earn money online” is to start earning online by freelancing.

Freelancing is when you provide your services to other people without committing to a single company. These services relate to your personal skills which may be graphic designing, web development, digital marketing, etc.

Freelancers use third-party platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. to get orders or use their network to get more work and provide services to their clients directly.


The next answer to the question “how to earn money online” is to start earning online by starting a Youtube channel.

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet today. Many people spend hours every day watching funny videos, checking out music videos, or just surfing for interesting content. So how to earn money online through YouTube?

You need to create a channel on YouTube, start uploading videos, and get more and more subscribers to your YouTube channel.

You should start making money with your YouTube channel right away. Once you get a thousand subscribers and 4,000 watch time hours you’re eligible to monetize your channel.

Another way to earn money online from YouTube is to upload sponsored videos. When your YouTube channel starts getting good viewership, different brands will reach out to you and pay you to promote their product or services to your viewers.


The next answer to the question “how to earn money online” is to start earning online by blogging.

It’s easy to make money by writing blogs, but you have to be careful not to plagiarize others’ work and get sued for copyright

If you want to make sure your blog stands out from the rest, you should write your own posts and put your own unique style to them. This will ensure your content is unique. You need to use unique images and videos for each blog post.

The articles on your blog should have proper SEO. You can start making money from your blog by getting your site to rank highly on Google for related keywords.

Once your blog starts getting organic traffic, you can start earning from your blog by displaying ads, affiliate marketing, or by posting paid articles, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

The next answer on my list to the question “how to earn money online” is to start affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another famous way to start earning online. An affiliate marketer (also known as an affiliate) is someone who earns revenue by promoting another company’s products or services.

A simple example is when a company hires a web designer to create and maintain its website. The company will pay the web designer to promote the company’s products on the internet. There are many other business models that use the affiliate marketing business model. For example, an online retail store may hire a company to place banner ads on search engines, or it may use an affiliate network to refer people to its site. Some businesses use affiliates to increase their customer base, while others use them to generate revenue.

Online Teaching

The next answer on my list to the question “how to earn money online” is to start online teaching.

If you are someone who can teach others then you can start earning online by teaching students from all over the world online. 

You can find online teachers who charge anywhere from $10 to $100 per hour. For some people, it may seem like a good way to make a little extra money.

There are several platforms where you can start teaching online like Upwork, Fiverr, Preply, Studypool, Photomath, etc.

Paid Surveys

Paid online surveys are one of the best ways to start earning online money at home. They’re simple to participate in, they are fun, and you can earn hundreds of dollars in as little as 10 minutes a day!

Some of the companies that will pay you to take online surveys include Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, Global Test Market, MyPoints, and Opinion Outpost.


One of the most popular ways to start earning online is to start an e-commerce business. In e-commerce, you have to sell your products or services online. There are different ways to start creating your store online. You can either create your own website by buying a domain name or you can start your e-commerce store on platforms, like Amazon, eBay or Esty, etc.

The world is changing rapidly and more and more people are preferring online shopping over offline shopping. Many people want to get the product to their doorstep without any effort. You can facilitate this need of customers by starting an online store or making an online presence of your offline store to grow your customer base and make some extra money.

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